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Finding Genius Podcast

Feb 4, 2022

Can finding the links between neurodegenerative diseases help find treatments as well? The more we learn about the causes and effective treatments, the clearer the entire picture becomes. Listen up to discover:

  • What the amyloid hypothesis proposes
  • The role Lewy Body Clumps play
  • How traumatic brain injuries play a lasting part in brain damage

Dr. Cheng Fang, the VP of Research at Annovis, shares her work with neurodegenerative diseases and the emerging treatments and therapeutic techniques.

There is still much to learn about neurodegenerative diseases, but if we begin to examine the similarities between them, we may be able to learn about the role of specific causes and components. For example, proteins have been overlooked for a long time, but they play a significant role in the pathology of the diseases. 

By examining the common toxins or problematic structures present, we can determine which are neurotoxic. However, by improving axonal transport, significant improvements may be made. 

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