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Finding Genius Podcast

Nov 19, 2020

The mortgage space spits out a seemingly insurmountable level of complex numbers. Accessing clean data from interest rates and housing markets alongside numerous other elements in the mortgage space is no small feat. This podcast presents the CEO of one company that says they can do just that. Listen to hear how...

Oct 27, 2020

Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere brought her lifelong love of dogs to college and found her niche through decoding dog behavior and cognition. She continued these studies in graduate school and she shares her love and knowledge with lucky listeners in today's podcast.

Listen and learn

  • Why dog play is considered interesting...

Oct 26, 2020

While they are treasured companions, can dogs also teach us more about learning and adaptions? Graduate student Sophie Barton says yes. Listen in to learn how to understand your dog better but also to find out what they're brains might tell us about how our own learning develops.

Listen and learn

  • The history of how...

Oct 25, 2020

Do dogs really love us? Are they really feeling guilty when they give us that unmistakably guilty look? Can dogs outsmart children when put to the test?

Tune in to explore these questions and more, including:

  • How certain interactions with dogs trigger the release of hormones in our bodies, and theirs
  • Why domestication...

Oct 17, 2020

Ready to explore energy sources and supercapacitor applications you can build with? The time is now for energy storage advances and this podcast explores an exciting structural possibility.

To learn more about this advancement in energy, listen and hear

  • How Julio D'Arcy's lab was able to transform a brick...