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Finding Genius Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Could procrastination play a starring role in anxiety and depression? For David Parker, it definitely did.

Tune in to learn how he overcame it, and discover:

  • Why making a to-do list might not be the best way to tackle procrastination
  • What types of procrastination exist and why they exist
  • How tiny accomplishments for...

Aug 30, 2021

In 1966, a random genetic mutation led to the birth of Prune, a hairless kitten that would ultimately lead to birth of many, many more of its kind.

Tune in for a unique episode on Sphynx cats, and discover:

  • What to know about the fatal heart disease called HCM, why Sphynx cats are particularly prone to developing it,...

Aug 29, 2021

Diyar Talbayev, Ph.D. is an associate professor at the Tulane School of Science and Engineering and an experienced condensed matter physicist. His current research involves the optical and electronic properties of complex materials. He has a keen interest in high-speed spectroscopy as well as solid state physics.


Aug 28, 2021

Why has the spectrum of bipolar disorder symptoms been separated for so long? With a new understanding of the reciprocity of manic and depressive episodes, treatments can be honed to better help patients. Listen in to learn:

  • When the medical world realized manic depression was not one-sided
  • Which drugs can benefit...

Aug 27, 2021

What causes inflammation in the brain, and how can this affect us as we age? Astrocytes found in the brain may be the key to unlock a better understanding.

Press play to learn:

  • Where astrocytes are located in the body
  • How inflammation can cause issues in human bodies as we age
  • The smallest cells astrocytes can be...