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Finding Genius Podcast

Mar 10, 2022

Why is the Australian dragon so fascinating? Since they can change gender based on the temperature in the egg, they can offer insight into several aspects of environmental temperature impact, among much else. Press play to learn:

  • How temperature determines the sex
  • The function of epigenetic modifiers
  • How there can be...

Mar 1, 2022

How is sex determined in reptiles if sex chromosomes are absent? Through environmental factors like temperature, genetics can be altered, and sex can be finalized. Press play to learn:

  • How incubation can make three genders in central bearded dragons
  • Markers being used to determine the effect of climate change on the...

Feb 7, 2022

How do primary deficiency disorders affect those who present with them? Since some aren't even common enough to name, the effects can be quite challenging to pin down. Listen up to learn:

  • How studying a single gene disorder can offer insight
  • Possibilities to begin treating overreactions in immune responses
  • What...

Jan 19, 2022

Can public access to genome sequencing help mitigate overall risk in the future of medicine? With broader availability, new services can help propel testing to new heights. Listen in to learn:

  • Why someone may choose to test their genome sequencing
  • Possible roadblocks in utilizing genetic testing
  • The timeline in the...

Aug 19, 2021

How can conditions be corrected in a child before they are even born? Fetal gene therapy may hold the key.

Listen in to learn:

  • How fetal surgery was introduced
  • How fetal genetic editing can be introduced
  • Where the genetic material can be introduced

William H. Peranteau, MD, is an attending surgeon in the Division of...