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Finding Genius Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

In this podcast, Dr. Ty Carzoli, chiropractor at Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic, discusses his facility and their work, providing information on chiropractic orthospinology, treatment, and care.

Podcast Points:

  • What are some of the reasons we have neck or back pain?
  • Too much sitting: not a good thing!
  • Overview of...

Feb 28, 2020

In this podcast, Marni Amsellem, PhD, psychologist, talks about her work treating clients with cognitive behavioral therapy tools and techniques.

Podcast Points:

  • How can cognitive behavioral therapy help with anxiety issues?
  • Can cognitive behavioral therapy help combat negative thoughts?
  • The...

Feb 27, 2020

In this podcast, Niles Eldredge, evolutionary biologist and renowned paleontologist, discusses parallel causation in oncogenic and anthropogenic degradation and extinction, his thoughts on biological theory, and other topics.

Dr. Eldredge holds a PhD from Columbia University. He is the Curator Emeritus, Division...

Feb 27, 2020

This is a follow-up interview with Natura-brand founder and Mederi Foundation leader Donnie Yance. He offers a closer glimpse into the spiritual side of his journey.

When you listen, you will her Donnie explain

  • how liturgy, attitudes, and theology differ in the East and West, from an approach that is more comfortable...

Feb 26, 2020

Allergic airway disease treatment may get better results from the use of antifungals. Dr. Li explains how this treatment seeks to eradicate fungi that may be accountable for some allergic symptoms.

He describes 

  • how fungi in airways can cause allergic inflammation and increase reactions to pollen,
  • the pervasive nature...