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Finding Genius Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

No one likes me. I’m going to fail this exam. I really shouldn’t have eaten all that lasagna.

Ever have these or similar thoughts?

If so, you’re not alone. Most of us are overrun by certain thinking patterns, which lead to certain feelings, which lead to certain behaviors. And often, the result is detrimental to...

Jul 25, 2021

Janet Hays, founder of Healing Minds NOLA, is a formidable advocate for those who suffer from severe mental illness in New Orleans and across the country. She works tirelessly to bring those afflicted with mental illness, their families, and other stakeholders together to find a path to more productive and humane...

May 8, 2021

Could better emotional and physical health be as simple as subtle movement? Anna Jacobsen says it is, but the art of her practice is not quite so simple.

Tune in to discover:

  • What it means to say that every organ has an energetic quality
  • How emotions like anger and aggression can manifest physically and be “felt”...

Apr 7, 2021

How does the aging process lead to neurodegenerative diseases? Research shows that neuroinflammation may play a key role. Press play to learn:

  • What a Tau protein is and how it plays a role in Alzheimer's disease
  • How Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed
  • How amyloid plaques alter your brain

Professor of neuroscience...

Mar 7, 2021

Have you ever been told you have high blood pressure? Were you surprised? Did you feel completely fine, and even doubt that the numbers were accurate? If so, you’re not alone. Most people have no idea that they’re hypertensive, because it can takes years if not decades for this disease to cause havoc in the body....