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Finding Genius Podcast

Dec 19, 2021

Can gravity really affect climate change to a noticeable degree? While it may not be widely known, gravity changes over time and has a wide range of implications. Listen up to learn:

  • The purpose of the GRACE mission
  • How ice shelves are affected by gravitational changes
  • What projections for the future hold


Dec 18, 2021

How can physics and science offer a deeper understanding of our place in life? Understanding the difference between wisdom and intelligence is the first step. Press play to learn:

  • How telescopes can be a sort of "time machine"
  • Why the Nobel Prize is so coveted amongst physicists
  • The purpose behind Brian Keating's new...

Oct 24, 2021

Most of us go to the doctor after we’re already sick—which usually makes treatment more difficult. But what if there was an easy-to-use early warning system that could tell us when and how we are headed in an unhealthy direction?

Well, now there is.

Press play to learn:

  • How Advanced Human Imaging (AHI) can not only...

Oct 23, 2021

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: people in a lab, printing human body parts composed of real, living tissues. But for the team at 3DBio Therapeutics, it’s just another day at the “office.”

Press play to learn:

  • The most common problems with synthetic implants
  • How 3D bioprinting can aid in the...

Jun 12, 2021

How can zebrafish lead to new insight into how neurons within the brain function? Researchers may be able to determine how information is sent between the two by studying the specific relationships between their retinas and brains. Listen up to learn:

  • How neurons connect
  • How long visual information takes to be...