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Finding Genius Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Dr. Conrad began his career studying patterns of sleep interruption and doing work in various areas of epidemiology, and lately he’s been working to improve population health and sleep conditions while entering the realm of policy and population management within larger healthcare systems.


More recently, he’s been...

Intelligence Augmentation—Alex Bates—Author of Augmented Mind, Co-Founder of Sandbox, and Director at Neocortex Ventures

Feb 26, 2019

Ever since he was a kid, Alex Bates held a fascination for the inner workings of the mind and brain, and the interconnectedness of philosophy and mathematics. So when the internet began really taking shape in the late 90s, it only felt natural for him to dive into the realm of artificial neural networks. He’s since...

Catastrophe Calculations – Peter Saunders, Co-Director of The Institute of Science in Society, London – Understanding the Practical Applications of Catastrophe Theory

Feb 26, 2019

Peter Saunders, Co-Director of The Institute of Science in Society, London, and Emeritus professor of Applied Mathematics, King’s College London, provides a thorough and interesting overview of catastrophe theory and its many real and relevant applications.

Saunders holds a BA in Applied Mathematics from the...

Genome Jamboree – Lynn Helena Caporale, Author of Darwin in the Genome – The Complex and Interesting Study of the Genome

Feb 25, 2019

Lynn Helena Caporale, independent scholar and author of Darwin in the Genome, discusses DNA sequencing and all things related to the genome.

Caporale is a career biochemist whose research in the areas of natural selection and genome variation has created a buzz in the scientific community. Caporale is a regular chair...

Keto Care – Jen Fisch, Founder, Keto In The City – The Ketogenic Lifestyle for Wellness, Losing Weight, and Feeling Great!

Feb 25, 2019

Jen Fisch, founder, Keto In The City (, is hungry—hungry for knowledge, and she always has been. She is a self-described autoimmune warrior and single mom who is incredibly passionate about the ketogenic lifestyle. In this interesting podcast Jen talks about her journey and the power of the...