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Finding Genius Podcast

Apr 19, 2024

In this conversation, we sit down with a member of Doomberg to discuss the mindset of continuous improvement and other thought-provoking ideas that are important for us all to consider. 

Doomberg is an anonymous news publication that provides readers with an in-depth analysis of financial and economic trends – underscoring information missing from mainstream media. By utilizing the principles of continuous improvement, it has become the #1 paid finance newsletter on Substack, boasting more than 85,000 email subscribers and 250,000 Twitter followers. 

Dive in now to explore: 

  • What continuous improvement is, and the many facets of it.
  • How to turn mistakes into an opportunity to improve. 
  • The difference between perfectionism and continuous improvement. 
  • How to facilitate personal and professional growth.

How can you hone your skills over the span of your career? What actionable steps can you take to enhance your productivity and success? Doomberg is here with insights you can’t miss out on…

You can find more on Doomberg by visiting their Substack here.

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