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Finding Genius Podcast

Mar 27, 2022

Why is finding mental health aid for many new mothers so tricky? Through a lacking mental healthcare system and few resources, it can be challenging for new mothers to find the treatment they need. Listen up to learn:

  • Common symptoms of postpartum depression
  • Why finding a proper diagnosis can be tough to find
  • How mothers can begin entering a supportive community

Jen Schwartz, the Founder and CEO of Motherhood Understood, shares her story of postpartum depression and helping other new mothers find the support that can be hard to come by.

Many expecting mothers have not been prepared for the possibility of postpartum depression after giving birth. Since recognizing these mental health symptoms can be difficult, finding an effective treatment can be even more challenging.

By building a community that new mothers can identify with, it can validate the feelings of struggle many mothers have. Even if only starting by reading without interacting, dipping a tow in is the first step to finding the support that can provide the needed relief.

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