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Finding Genius Podcast

Sep 24, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Bruce R. Sutherland, the Associate Editor of Physical Review Fluids, and a Professor in the Departments of Physics and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at The University of Alberta. 

As someone who is deeply interested in environmental concerns, Mr. Sutherland employs “a combination of laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, and mathematical modeling to examine atmosphere-ocean, environmental and industrial fluid flows.” Most recently, he has focused his innovative research methods on the world of microplastics . . .

Click play to learn about:

  • Mr. Sutherland’s particular microplastic research.
  • How modeling microplastics can tell us more about how they are created.
  • How toxins and microplastics interact with each other. 

What can we do about the mysterious problem of microplastic contamination? Bruce Sutherland is determined to find out. 

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