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Finding Genius Podcast

Aug 28, 2020

Author Dr. Thomas Cowan followed his own approach in understanding the importance of medicine that fit what he observed in the human body.

In this podcast he discusses

  • Early days of his studies and books that led to pursuing a medical practice that matched his approach,
  • Examples of mechanisms of the body that protect and detoxify that are labeled part of disease, and
  • An extract he helped bring to the United States that addresses heart disease.

Dr. Thomas Cowan went into the Peace Corp as a young college graduate to teach gardening and was given books that opened his thinking and expanded how he might be able to practice medicine. These books were by philosopher Rudolph Steiner and nutritionist Weston Price and they helped him understand that there was a path to be the kind of doctor he wanted to be.

He then explains how mainstream medicine approaches issues like autoimmune disease and disease prevention with treatments like
vaccination. He discusses his own view of vaccines and the immune response and gives a very different perspective of our body's mechanisms.

For example, he explains how medical school teaches that something like puss is bad and part of the disease when pus helps our body get rid of dangerous substances and is part of the healing. He elaborates with other examples like the lung-clearing ways of bronchitis and talks about the harmful over-prescription of antibiotics and side effects of vaccines.

He believes people get sick because they are starved or poisoned in some way and traditional medicine labels detoxification efforts as part of the disease when they are our body's efforts to heal. He gives examples of how he has treated past patients and discusses an extract he helped develop that addresses causes of heart disease.

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