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Finding Genius Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

Hemp products are being sold in new and creative ways every day. As this continues to happen, people like Amir Nezhad and his team have dedicated their time and energy to developing the perfect line of recreational delta products. So how are these professionals revolutionizing the cannabis industry? Amir sits down to explain.

Amir Nezhad is the President of TRĒ House, a company that is on a mission to bring consumers the best buzz from the finest THC products on the planet. By using the highest quality ingredients and testing their products at ISO-certified third-party labs, TRĒ House is redefining the THC industry – all while getting their customers faded in fun and unique ways…

TRĒ House products are crafted to bring you the best that legal, delivered-to-your-door THC has to offer. TRĒ House utilizes unique blends of carefully selected minor cannabinoids that get you lit in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of. TRĒ House offers an array of premium, legal THC products including gummies, vapes, prerolls, and more. Head over to and enjoy 30% off your order AND get a free Acapulco Gold HHC preroll when you use coupon code GENIUS. This offer expires August 31, 2023.

Join us now to find out:

  • The origins of TRĒ House.
  • Why hemp-derived vape products are so popular.
  • The difference between certain cannabinoids. 
  • What the extraction process of marijuana and hemp looks like. 

To learn more about Amir and his work with TRĒ House, click here now. To get 30% off of your first purchase, use the code GENIUS at checkout!

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