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Finding Genius Podcast

Sep 28, 2017

Bitcoin stands for financial freedom,” says Shiva Sitamraju of Blockonomics. “Our philosophy is that we shouldn’t be a custodial wallet, or a custodian of your funds.” Instead, Blockonomics helps facilitate merchants to accept Bitcoin by providing automatic updates to invoices, a wallet watcher displaying account balances, and a dynamic Bitcoin pricing display.
With a simple WordPress eCommerce plug-in on a merchant’s website, they can accept Bitcoin and utilize the features offered by Blockonomics–all while having the security of knowing that the funds will move directly from the customer to their own wallet. Blockonomics is a service for anybody and everybody: there is no screening process and no documentation required. Press play to learn more.
Sitamraju also discusses

* Blockonomics’ major customers and volume of transactions
* Other needs that are not being serviced by this type of application
*  Future plans on the horizon for Blockonomics