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Finding Genius Podcast

May 20, 2024

In this episode, we discuss four-dimensional thinking with Dr. Jacob Kendall, the Founder of Kendall Enterprises, a speaker, and a facilitator for communities and businesses. With formal training and professional experience in gerontology, public health, social work, biology, and theology, Dr. Kendall is a true Renaissance man with a passion for optimizing healthcare experiences for all…

Dr. Kendall has lifelong experience managing his own medical care. With two open-heart surgeries, a congenital disorder, and various other issues, he grew tired of the healthcare system's shortcomings. Now, he has transformed his self-advocacy into a way to demystify healthcare so others can be better patients and caregivers.

Join the conversation now to learn about:

  • What 4-dimensional thinking is, and how to harness it.
  • How to view problems from various perspectives. 
  • The main reasons why people don’t support new and innovative ways to approach healthcare. 

Are you ready to embrace a new approach to healthcare – challenging norms and seeking holistic solutions? Visit Dr. Kendall's website to dive deeper into his insights and start your journey toward reframing health for a better, more inclusive future.

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