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Finding Genius Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

There’s so much data in today’s world that it can be hard to know which is important and which isn’t, and this is particularly true for those working in the online marketing space. According to Carlos Cruz, CEO of Clicktool, many entrepreneurs in this space are letting important and potentially lucrative data slip through their fingers because they simply don’t have the tools to track it, access it, and make sense of it.

Clicktool launched just three months ago, but it’s already looking like the best data tracking tool on the market. By providing people in the online marketing and ad campaign space with simple, to-the-point, and easy-to-interpret reports on their data, Clicktool users are empowered with the ability to make smarter decisions about how to use it and where to invest their money. “Good data helps you make great decisions about what to do moving forward with any project in your company,” says Cruz, who joins the podcast to discuss all the details of Clicktool and their future plans for the implementation of machine learning algorithms. 

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