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Finding Genius Podcast

Oct 26, 2017

Nexus is a cryptocurrency and an online platform that intends to offer an alternative to centralized payment systems and Internet. Nexus coin can be used for micro-transactions without large fees, while the Nexus platform intends to use a mesh network of satellites to create a decentralized internet that is separate from the traditional hard lines running around the world.
The basis of Nexus is that once quantum computing becomes readily available, other platforms and digital currencies will need to rapidly increase their security. Nexus is building in quantum computing-resistant security features from the very beginning, including a 571-bit private key and hashing algorithms.
Additionally, because Nexus has three different mining channels, individuals wanting to dictate how the company operates would need to have 51% of all three channels. Nexus is also building a library of template protocols for developers, as well as developing key suites.
This means that individuals won't have to re-use private keys, reducing the ability of quantum computers to sift through strings of data in order to find them.
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