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Finding Genius Podcast

Jun 16, 2021

How can historically misunderstood retinal neurodegenerative diseases be researched and treated? New discoveries may lead to continuing advancements in treatment for previously thought to be untreatable ailments. Listen in to learn:

  • How treatment is targeted at specific cells
  • How functions in the eye can be swapped between parts
  • How the optogenetic process works

Dr. Bernard Gilly, The CEO and Co-Founder of GenSight Biologics discusses his work trying to cure blinding diseases and the development of LUMEVOQ.

By studying genetic therapies and root causes of optical degenerative diseases, patients who have been blinded by their condition can seek treatment to regain partial vision. Though it is challenging to continue studying improving patients, the therapeutic techniques continue to be improved, and results remain promising.

Though treatments and further research have been delayed, the first patient has received treatment and has regained fundamental visual function. This is promising for the future of macular and retinal degeneration treatments.

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