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Finding Genius Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

How can revolutionary findings in immunotherapy lead to better treatment for individuals who have cancer? With new biotechnology solutions, there is hope for ease of pain and inflammation in many areas of the body.

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  • How the immune system differentiates between cells.
  • Why T-reg Cells lose their ability to maintain function
  • How doses are determined for each individual.

Peter Keller, the Co-founder and CEO of Monopteros Therapeutics, shares his experience finding solutions for inflammation and bettering the field of immunotherapeutics.

T-regulatory cells are prone to eventually losing their immune capability and instead promote inflammation within the tumor. By reprogramming these cells, many ailments can be treated, including autoimmune disorders.

While the initial results from clinical trials are promising, there are still many limitations. In addition, since treatment is only effective in around 20% of tested patients with solid tumors, the development of further techniques lies on the near horizon.

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