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Finding Genius Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

Today’s episode is unique: 5 industry leaders cut to the chase and share their #1 piece of health advice. 

It’s powerful information packed into bite-sized pieces:

#1 - Be the boss of your own body. You are the CEO of your own body. Work WITH your health care providers – don’t blindly submit to what they tell you.

#2 - Don’t eat food that isn’t food. No, this expert isn’t talking about highly processed food and food dyes: she’s talking about certain groups on the food pyramid that most people have been led to believe are nourishing their body.

#3 - Center your meals around protein. Consequently, you could feel more energized, minimize inflammation in the body, and live a longer life.  

#4 - Take 100% self-responsibility for your health. Do this on all levels - physical, emotional, and mental. You have the power to heal yourself - all you have to do is find it. Understand food as medicine, how your intuition can lead you to healing self-discoveries, and listen to your gut (microbiota).

#5 - Love yourself. When you begin to truly love yourself, you want to treat your body well; you want to move it, nourish it with the proper foods, give it rest, remove the stress from it, and use it to do the things that bring you joy. In the process, you can heal yourself physically.

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