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Finding Genius Podcast

Oct 8, 2023

How can cancer metastasis be better understood through the study of the microbiome? By understanding how the microenvironment reaches its most beneficial state, researchers can better understand and treat metastasis.

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  • How can cells metastasize into various parts of the body
  • Which factors play a role in metastasis
  • Why cancers have tropisms

Sendurai A. Mani, a Professor, Department of Translational Molecular Pathology, shares his work to better understand metastasis in cancerous tumors.

Since one of the most dangerous aspects of cancer is its ability to travel throughout the body, it is in researchers' and patients' best interest to discover why.

This can be difficult, though, since cancer cells break the norm of normal cells.

It can be challenging to distinguish single cancer cells from normal cells since they excrete the same protein.

However, by explicitly studying the microenvironment, it may be easier to differentiate the cells for studies.

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