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Finding Genius Podcast

Dec 26, 2021

Our bodies are constantly going through changes, and sometimes there are important factors we don’t consider when it comes to why these changes occur. Hormone health is one of these factors. When we know how to properly monitor our hormones, there can be considerable health benefits that follow. 

Doreen Saltiel MD, JD, FACC, from Peak Health and Wellness, is a preventative cardiologist and functional medicine doctor that has encountered a profound interest in the link between hormonal health and our body’s health and wellness. She has used this interest to fuel her intensive research on hormonal health resulting in truly fascinating discoveries.

Listen now to hear about:

  • The importance of hormonal health to overall health
  • The accessibility of hormonal therapy in the medical world
  • How women can approach menopause healthfully

Learn about what resources you can use to inform your own hormonal health, and much more in this compelling talk!

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