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Finding Genius Podcast

Sep 5, 2021

How can simple switches in everyday life have the potential to make a massive environmental impact? Through technological advances, these improvements may be easy to attain. Press play to learn:

  • Why the Tesla production is not actually worse for the environment
  • Why "snowmageddon" in Texas had such a severe impact
  • How fusion can revolutionize power

Matt Ferrell, the creator behind the YouTube Channel Undecided, shares his knowledge surrounding technologies that have the potential to help save the planet.

While many individuals are skeptical of environmentally friendly technologies and their practicality, it is becoming more difficult to deny their benefits. For example, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly accessible, which offers the general population a way to contribute.

Alternative energy solutions are still in their infancy but are becoming increasingly accepted as more people accept the efficacy of the methods. Nuclear energy is the ultimate goal, but fusion is perpetually 30 years away, and the cost remains high.

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