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Finding Genius Podcast

May 26, 2017

When David Knight founded the data company, he had big plans. “We're not a broker, we're not an analytics firm, we're not an IOT platform,” says Knight. Instead, was designed to be a global marketplace. Specifically, a marketplace for the data from the internet of things—the first of its kind. “Not a modest charter,” Knight says. There are literally petabytes of data from the internet of things. And no one's indexed it or made it machine- or human-searchable. Until now.
Fast approaching public beta, has had to start small in order to get big. As a friend of Knight's put it, “Well, we wanna hear that you have the ambition to boil the oceans, but you need to start with boiling a teapot.” A successful prototype in a smaller market (the teapot) would determine the success of the later, finished platform (the oceans). Because of this, picking the right “teapot” was crucially important.
Hit play to hear the rest of's story, and learn more about the future of data in the internet of things.