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Finding Genius Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

Leaders in the corporate field are learning that they are losing valuable and talented employees who feel uncared for and uninspired. 

Listen in to discover:

  • Why soft skills, such as empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence should be business imperatives
  • How a culture of care can help attract and retain both employees and clients
  • Why storytelling is an effective medium to evoke empathy and start important conversations

Gian Singh Power is the founder of TLC Lions, an organization whose vision is to “humanize the working world.” Once immersed in a corporate world where high performance and competitive productivity were the sole measures of success, Power began to rethink his viewpoint after the murder of his father and the suicide of a work colleague. Suddenly, it became clear to him that people, even those in the corporate world, are suffering, and they shouldn’t have to do it silently and alone.

The TLC Lions work with organizations around the world to help create work cultures that promote diversity, inclusion, and open dialogue around mental health. Their work has not only helped businesses, but saved lives. 

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