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Finding Genius Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

First, it’s just picking up the prescriptions, then it’s helping out a little bit around the house, then it’s accompanying them to doctor's appointments, and then, suddenly, the words “Oh, so you’re the caregiver” come out of the doctor’s mouth. Often, the first time someone hears that, it comes as a surprise, followed by a slow realization that it’s true. But what does it mean to be a caregiver, and how to prepare for such a role?

Tune in to learn:

  • What types of disagreements often arise between family caregivers and guardians, and how to work through them
  • What the difference is between a guardian and a conservator, and a power of attorney versus a living will
  • How to best prepare for the unexpected when it comes to aging loved ones

Pamela Wilson is a podcast host, national caregiving expert, author, radio host, and keynote speaker with over 20 years of experience as a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager. She has made it her mission to help caregivers through one of the first hurdles they often face: becoming aware of the fact that they’re even a caregiver. In addition, she provides ongoing support and advice to caregivers worldwide, and works with companies and groups that want to increase caregiver education and awareness.

Wilson describes the duties and responsibilities of caregivers, examples of problems caregivers face and how best to deal with them, self-care for caregivers, the importance of taking preventative measures (which can sometimes be as simple as having some conversations—albeit some hard ones), and more. 

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