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Finding Genius Podcast

Dec 26, 2017

One of the major problems with the cannabis industry is the “web of legality” that exists between different cities and states–a standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is not designed to be used within the cannabis industry. Because of this, there is no way for consumers to legally purchase products and follow all the appropriate city and state legislation.
CannTrade helps to solve this problem in two ways. First, it is a CRM platform that is designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Second, it uses geofences to accurately ensure that consumers in different cities in California are following all relevant legislation for their location.
CannTrade also simplifies the ability for cannabis businesses to interact with each other, while making sure that each party is legitimate. CannTrade is currently working with partners on a payment processing solution, as currently the entire industry must operate on a Cash on Delivery basis and cannot have a bank account, which can be quite dangerous for all parties involved.
Mark also discusses what he sees as the future of the cannabis industry, both domestically and internationally.
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