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Finding Genius Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

Dr. Theodore Belfor, dental innovator and expert, discusses a wide variety of dental issues with a special emphasis on airway issues, snoring causes and effect, as well as snoring treatment. Dr. Belfor graduated from the New York University School of Medicine. He works in Catskill, NY and specializes in General Dentistry.

Dr. Belfor discusses airway issues, daytime and nighttime, from stuffy noses to more serious airway problems. As Dr. Belfor states, chronic rhinosinusitis is an extremely common problem. This persistent, nagging health issue is defined by the presence of at least two of four major symptoms, such as facial pain and/or pressure, hyposmia/anosmia, nasal drainage, and sometimes nasal obstruction, for at minimum—12 consecutive weeks.

He explains how the cilia (tiny hairs in our noses) along with mucus, trap the bacteria. But when our sinuses are working properly, these bacteria can be neutralized in most cases. However, when chronic rhinosinusitis occurs, there is a sort of broken link in this chain of defense, and the body will go into its normal defenses, which equates to swelling and inflammation. Dr. Belfor explains the function of nitric oxide, and the jaw, and how the system can become overextended, enabling polyp growth possibilities and more.

Dr. Belfor discusses misalignment, airway and snoring issues, etc. including information on breathing systems. Further, he explains the many possibilities for care and treatment, often without surgical procedures. He talks about the ways to ‘turn the genes on’ to get the body to respond, and improve functioning. He expounds upon the processes of ‘toning the airway’ as well as the difficult problems posed by snoring and sleep apnea. Continuing, the airway expert talks in detail about anatomy, and the physical components that contribute to dental and airway issues.

In this podcast:

What are the main contributors to airway breathing issues?

How to ‘turn genes on’ to get the body to respond to issues

How does a nasal obstruction impact breathing?